Plastic Manufacturing 

Product Prototyping

The first step towards creating a great product for any industry is building a prototype that can be tested for functionality and appeal. No matter your target market, Precision Plastics can help you realize your design idea by building a working plastic prototype as per your exact specifications. We use the latest plastic fabrication and machining techniques for quick and accurate prototyping.

3D Programming

Our programmers and machinists are fully trained in the use of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to ensure precision and speed up production. We use these solutions to create realistic concept art and precise scale drawings, suggest design alternatives for improvements in form or function, and make design changes where needed.

Collaborative Engineering

Input from team members across various disciplines boosts innovation, so our engineers and designers work closely with experienced technicians and fabricators to effectively combine their strengths. While engineering products, we also collaborate with manufacturers to refine their vision and optimize each design for precision, affordability, and efficiency.

Plastic Material Selection

There’s a huge variety of plastic materials and substrates available today. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on the design, configuration, application, budget, fabrication requirements, and scale of your manufacturing project. Precision Plastics will help you choose the best fit for your needs.

Plastic Machining

Whether your concept has been optimized by our team or we’re working with a stock design for parts and products, Precision Plastics can quickly bring your vision to life. We use the latest in modern tools, including 3- and 5-axis CNC machines, a laser cutter, and vacuum forming equipment, all of which maximize our production flexibility and enable us to provide high quality products under tight deadlines.

Customization and Finishing

Our plastic fabrication capabilities include polishing and finishing techniques for different materials. If you require OEM branding or other types of personalization, we offer laser engraving, screen printing, stamping, and other services that help you achieve the exact look and feel you want. To learn more about customization options for contract manufacturing, contact our team today.

Assembly and Packaging

We understand the unique assembly, packaging, and transportation needs of various industries, such as healthcare and government. We take all your needs into consideration at every stage of the production process to ensure the highest level of quality and precision in all of our fabrications.

Quality and Testing

Our machinery, tools, and processes are tested and validated for compliance with industry regulations as well as our own commitment to excellence. All members of our staff are fully trained in the use of equipment relevant to their roles, and we also regularly validate our primary and secondary operations. Quality checks are conducted at every stage of production to ensure we deliver the best products.

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