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Conduit Spacers, The Key To Organized and Safe Wiring.

PRE-PLAST™ Conduit Spacers

Conduit spacers serve as crucial components in electrical systems, providing stability and alignment for multiple conduits. Constructed from durable HDPE to ensure consistent separation between conduits, preventing potential damage, friction, or interference among wires. By maintaining proper spacing, they safeguard against short circuits and maintain the integrity of the electrical infrastructure.

  • Fully custom and standard options available
  • Allows for offsite duct bank assembly
  • Quick & easy installation
  • No floating during concrete pour
  • Makes conduit easy to identify for future maintenance 
  • Highly durable HDPE ensures conduit stays in place
  • Simple & cost effective way to ensure perfect conduit installation

Why PRE-PLAST™ Conduit Spacers?

Conduit spacers make your installation faster and easier, reducing the time spent working in the trench. You can arrange sections above ground and simply lower them into the trench when you're ready. Once installed,  the panels ensure conduit is properly spaced and easy to identify for future maintenance.

Additionally, using conduit spacers can make your install safer. Conduit spacers can be fitted with optional openings for rebar as well as flow-through holes. Both options secure the panel during concrete pours, effectively limiting the amount of shifting. The risk of injury due to readjusting the conduit is reduced.

The Right Panel For The Job

We realize conduit spacers are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer multiple size options including: 

4 x 4 

5 x 5 

6 x 4 


We also fabricate fully custom panels. Simply provide your specifications and we’ll take care of the rest.

Find Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Conduit Spacers. 

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