Plastic Fabrication

With the variety of materials and processes available these days, the sky is the limit when it comes to customized signage. If you want to announce the opening of a new restaurant or hotel, display a menu or product list, or even dress up a space with quirky graphics, an experienced plastic fabrication company can bring your design to life.

At Precision Plastics, we use cutting-edge computer technology, machining techniques and innovative materials for flat printing, laser engraving and custom signage. Some of the items we have fabricated for clients include:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Property Signs
  • Real Estate Yard Signs
  • Menu/Specials Boards
  • Screen Printed Banners
  • Company Lobby Signage
  • Storefront Displays
  • Window Decals
  • Engraved Plaques/Awards
  • Office Door Signs
  • Engraved Instrument Panels
  • Engraved Instrument Panels
  • … and more

At Precision Plastics, we use the latest plastic fabrication technology and a variety of polishing techniques to create customized products that suit every budget, need and design style.

  • 3- and 5-Axis CNC Machining
  • Vacuum/Pressure Forming
  • Die Cutting
  • Laser Cut Engraving
  • Screen-Printing
  • … and Many More!

Machined Parts

Plastic part design has become an integral part of the manufacturing process for various industries. At Precision Plastics, we can create custom plastics, components, and assemblies designed according to your specific requirements. We focus on providing affordable and high-quality precision parts with the highest degree of consistency and accuracy across multiple batches.


When you need a one-off custom prototype designed as per your exact specifications, Precision Plastics can help make your concept a reality. Our fabricators will collaborate with you for the quickest delivery of your prototypes. Along with creating a prototype based on your design, we can also provide input for minimizing production costs at any scale.

Plaques & Awards

Precision Plastics can provide you with beautiful, tailor-made plaques and awards in acrylic, Corian, and other materials using custom fabrication techniques such as laser engraving, die-cutting, and screen printing. If you’re looking for stock and custom awards that will stand the test of time, we can help you choose materials and designs that fit your budget and needs.

Product Displays

If you require tough, reliable, and eye-catching product displays, Precision Plastics can help you create the perfect design. We offer stock designs as well as customized products for displaying a wide range of items, from retail essentials to unique handcrafted pieces.

Collectable Acrylic Display Cases

Precision Plastics is fully equipped with the machinery, processes, and materials for custom acrylic fabrication. If you’re looking for display cases that perfectly fit antique or rare toys, coins, plates and other collectibles while also keeping them safe from damage, our experts will be glad to help you choose the right prefab or custom designs that match your unique needs.

Brochure & Literature Holders

At Precision Plastics, we’re experienced at creating custom plastics in any shape and size. Our range of products for retail and commercial clients includes numerous stock and custom designs for brochure displays, magazine racks, and literature holders. We can assist you with getting maximum visibility and functionality from these products.

Medical Products

Precision Plastics has produced various parts and components for medical products, including acrylic incubators and instrument panels as well ass vacuum formed wheelchair spoke-guards, foot rests, and lap trays. Custom plastic fabrication ensures these items are impact-resistant, non-porous, and easy to clean.

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