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Protect Your Conduit with Conduit Spacers

Protect Your Conduit with Conduit Spacers

Conduit spacers are used to keep pipes, conduit, and cable racking supported and evenly spaced for underground encasement. They can be designed to provide uniform separation between the rows and columns of the conduits, providing a stable structure for concrete or grout and eliminating voids. When conduits rub together, the chafing that results can cause short circuits, arcs, or even worse, a fire. Let us help protect your system for the long term.

Materials Matter

Using PVC and other plastics isn’t good enough when it comes to conduit spacers. You need a strong, lightweight and durable product like High Density Polyethylene or HDPE. Its inherent resistance to rust and abrasion along with the highest rating in both pressure and gravity flow applications has made HDPE the one plastic material used in all underground utilities. At our facility, we use 3/8” thickness for maximum strength and because of its high-density make up, it takes up less space and is easy to maneuver.

All Shapes and Sizes

Our facility can fabricate just about any size conduit spacer to meet your needs. Sheets ranging in size from 5’x10’, down to smaller 2’x2’ sheets are what we specialize in. Outer shape, hole size and hole placement can be customized and we can produce up to 300 large sheets per week. With plenty of inventory, we can guarantee a quick turn-around time.

Responsible Recycling

What happens to all of the leftover plastic and shavings from producing conduit spacers? We partner with ethical recyclers who turn our waste into new products like bottles, pens, plastic lumber, picnic tables, rope, toys, piping, decking, bike racks, plastic fencing, benches, furniture, recycling bins, and trash cans. We are doing our part to reduce waste and protect our environment.