Our Laser Cutting System Makes Your Designs a Reality – Precision Plastics

Our Laser Cutting System Makes Your Designs a Reality

Our Kern Optiflex CO2 laser cutting system allows us to create the most impeccable works of art with flawless precision, on almost any material. From wood and copper, to round steel tubes, we can program it to engrave, cut and fabricate just about any shape to meet your needs.  

SCREEN PROTECTORS Thin plastic film, such as PET, helps add a layer of protection to the screen on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other tempered glass display screens. CO2 lasers will cleanly cut through the release liner, PET film, top liner and adhesion coating. We can customize  your design to any size screen size. 

WOOD ENGRAVING Woods such as oak, birch, maple and basswood are easily cut and engraved with remarkable detail using our CO2 laser system. Furniture, picture frames, cutting boards and wood inlays are just a few products that can be economically manufactured with incredible attention to detail. 

COPPER The FiberCELL laser system has the capability to process a wide variety of metals, including copper. Copper is a highly reflective metal, making it more difficult for a lower wattage CO2 laser source to penetrate or pierce the material. However, the wavelength of the fiber laser is easily absorbed into the material making it an ideal metal for laser processing.

STEEL FABRICATION As the cutting process begins, the height follower will track the surface of the metal and adjust the nozzle in the z axis maintaining a constant focus point while the metal is being cut. This allows us to cut not only flat pieces but also three dimensional pieces of almost any size. 

No matter your need, we can customize the materials and the cut to give you the masterpiece you were hoping for.