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Dynamic Displays

 Every business has a need to display their products so consumers can view their offerings. At Precision Plastics, Inc., we can customize any display to meet your needs. From clear acrylic in just about any shape, from drawers and lidded containers to point of sale display, we can help.



When you want a large visual display of your products, we can help you create a mounted option. Using metal, acrylic, colored plastics and industrial adhesives, we can curate solid or modular displays for your products. Perfect for color samples, product samples and larger projects, these displays can also feature your company logo and any wording you need.


Different thicknesses of acrylic are used to make a multitude of products displays. The most commonly requested displays that we are asked are to make are display boxes, that offer a secure way of showcasing your products. Using ¼” acrylic, we can bend and shape the plastic to your exact specifications, with temporary or permanent encasements. If you have high value products you need to keep more secure, we can use a thicker polycarbonate that cannot be “smashed”, even when using a sledgehammer. For your most valuable products, we offer containment grade polycarbonate that will allow them to retain stability when exposed to heavy blows and gunshots.


Inviting your customers to experience your products calls for a different type of display. You want to create an inviting and transparent option for showcasing your products. “U Shaped” displays are a common way to highlight products you want your customers to handle. Elevated off the ground and open top, these invite customers to get a “hands on” experience with your products. We also create brochure holders in clear of full color graphics to grab your customers’ attention.


Consumers tend to make purchasing decisions on high-margin products or services at strategic point of sale locations. Varying POS locations can give retailers more opportunities to micro-market specific product categories and influence consumers at earlier points in the sales funnel. We can design the perfect point of sale display to help increase your bottom line.


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