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Designer Dividers

Long before COVID, businesses had a need for dividers that were more than just a piece of plastic. At Precision Plastics Inc., we’ve been making custom dividers for our clients for decades in vibrant, full-color, in every shape and size. 

Large Format Dividers

When our friends at Max’s Bistro & Bar asked us to create designer booth dividers, we rose to the occasion. Using ½” acrylic printed using our EFI Pro 24 wide format flatbed printer, we took their logo and a created gorgeous piece of art. The Manhattan wanted to create custom dividers for the Northwest location to meet COVID protocols, so we made these beautiful dividers. making their logo a focal point.  Our printer produces vivid color and fine detail in pieces up to 4’x8’, allowing us to manage any request that comes our way.


Safety Dividers

With the pandemic changing how businesses operated, we hustled to make a variety of safety pieces for our clients. We created the free-standing “EZ Locking” desk dividers to help keep businesses open by meeting COVID safety guidelines. Needing more than one kind of divider, we created a variety of dividers, and ramped up production, hiring more than 50 fabrication specialists in one week. We quickly produced thousands of safety dividers each week, shipping all over the country.


Supporting Medical Personnel

Hospitals also needed to meet COVID protocols so we created mobile dividers for them to use wherever they were needed. We devised a way to have large room dividers stack into one another when not being used, and wheeled where needed using ABS as the base and adding in locking wheels. This creative solution helped keep hospitals and doctors’ offices operating a maximum capacity during the pandemic.

Whatever your large format needs are, give us a call and we can help to create to perfect solution.

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