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Custom Signs

At Precision Plastics Inc., we are able to create custom signs for your business or event. Indoor and outdoor signs, 3D signs, signs for golf tournaments, even ADA compliant signs are what we specialize in. 

Materials Matter

Using the appropriate material for the sign is crucial for sustained use. Twin wall polycarbonate is a low-cost option for full color outdoor signage like golf tournament events and temporary signs. Acrylic signs can come in many colors, can be engraved, and can be laser printed with any graphics. They are also lightweight, are easy to install and are professional and attractive for indoor use. Polycarbonate signs are perfect for outdoor use because of its high light transmission, excellent resistance to chemicals and can be printed on 2 sides, giving a 3D effect. 

Choosing the right material for its purpose

Depending on how your sign will be used determines the material it should be made from. When working with the Fresno Fire Department, we created impact resistant, high color signs for the front of their fire trucks using polycarbonate. For our friends at Fogg Remington Eye Care, we created full color metallic look signage using acrylic that was lightweight and easy to install. For casino special events, we used our laser printer to produce vibrant signs on plastic sheeting to guide guests towards their event. And for our friends at First Tee Fresno, we used twin wall polycarbonate to create beautiful signs to be displayed outdoors at their participating golf courses.

ADA Accessibility Standards

Our sign shop can produce all ADA complaint signs for your business, including raised letters and Braille. Federal ADA sign requirements apply to everything from bathroom and restroom signs to accessible elevator signs, parking and room signage. Interior ADA signs are required at every doorway in all U.S. public buildings, including businesses, apartments, offices and even home businesses with visiting clients or employees.  In addition to doorways, ADA signage is sometimes required at other interior and exterior building locations. If the exterior doorway is used to access bathrooms, classrooms, courtyards and other similar spaces, the doorway must be marked with tactile ADA signs. 

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