Cotton Classification Bins – Precision Plastics

Cotton Classification Bins

Precision Plastics, Inc. was pleased to work with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to manufacture Cotton Classification bins for the new Cotton Classification Complex at Texas Tech University, Lubbock. 

" Lubbock and surrounding areas make up nearly 40 percent of the national cotton output. Now Lubbock is home to the second-largest cotton classing facility in the world. It is the first of its kind, a classing complex on a university campus. The equipment in the facility can process up to 50,000 units of fiber a day, focusing on the grade of material going out to consumers. USDA Administrator Darryl Earnest says Texas Tech was the perfect university to collaborate with."


The cotton sorting bins were made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, or ABS, and vacuum formed into the required shapes. Texas Tech needed several thousand bins for their complex so mass producing these became a priority, even during the pandemic. "We were happy to be able to partner with the USDA and Texas Tech to help make this facility only the second of its kind in the country" says Precision Plastics Director of Sales Christopher Mata. 

Producing agricultural products is not a new concept to Precisions Plastics, Inc. They have worked with almond and pistachio growers to create sorting trays and Pom Wonderful to manufacture calibrating devices for pomegranate arils.