Casino Drop Boxes – Precision Plastics

Casino Drop Boxes

Casino drop boxes are used to securely hold poker chips or paper money under a casino table. When a player cashes in money at the table, the dealer will push the money with an acrylic money plunger, into the drop box, which is mounted under the table. At regular intervals, the drop boxes are collected and exchanged for empty ones, allowing casinos to securely transport the locked boxes to the counting cages. Two local casinos came to us needing replacement cash drop boxes for their gaming tables.


The Redesign

Wanting to make them more secure, they asked if we could design them so they were see-through, allowing gaming managers to do visual checks as an added security measure. We got to work, redesigning the walls to accommodate acrylic, which needed to be thicker than the earlier metal sides. Within a couple days, we had a working prototype and we were off to production.


The Fabrication Process

Using our large format CNC, we cut the acrylic sides with speed and precision. In flame finishing the edges, we created smooth, finely finished components that fit precisely into the metal frames. Adding in the locks finished the process and a final fit test was performed. In under a week, we had 24 casino drop boxes finished and ready for pick-up.

A Box of a Different Size

Casino drop boxes need to be customized to fit different size gaming tables. From Roulette and Craps to different card game tables, the size of the box is aligned with the size and type of table being used. We can redesign to fit any table and can even customize color and logos.