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Amazing Awards & Trophies

With 40 years’ experience in the plastics and fabrication industry, we specialize in unique products that meet our customers’ needs. That includes custom awards and trophies of just about any size and kind. Made from plastic, acrylic, glass, wood and metal, we are able to make your vision a reality for celebrating those who you choose to honor.


It’s all in the machine

Here at Precision Plastics, Inc., we have multiple machines that can produce the highest quality awards and trophies. Our CNC routers can cut shapes from most plastics as small as 4x4” and as large as 5’x10’ – it cuts the big presentation checks too! Our two laser cutters can cut through glass, plastic, wood and metal and make beautiful designs engraved into those materials.  With the cleanest of cuts, the engraved details from the laser cutter are impeccable and the edges are crystal clear.


Machines cut the shape but the finishing of each piece is the icing on the cake. We have several processes to make your awards extra special.  Flaming is when we apply a high heat at high pressure to cut acrylic, causing small bits of the plastic to flake off, erasing the cut marks. This gives the edges of your awards the same smooth finish as the front of the piece. We can also do a subsurface full color print on the back of clear awards. This creates a 3-dimensional effect in the piece, adding drama and interest.  We also create 3 dimensional effects with a “stacking” technique by using different color or types of materials. In the piece below, we cut each of the pieces using different colors and thicknesses of materials, then using a jig, connected them using an adhesive compound. Adding tint and engraving made this piece especially unique.

Your imagination is our only limit

We had one customer come in and ask if we could make “Barbie” shaped trophies. Of course, we cannot copy trademarked materials, but we can design something similar to create the look you are after. Our designers can help you create one-of-a-kind pieces to commemorate any occasion.

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