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Almond Processing Equipment

The Central Valley of California is one of the most productive agricultural regions on Earth, growing over half the country's fruits, vegetables, and nuts. To that end, agriculture and related fields is also among the top employers in the state. Keeping our farmers operational with up-to-date equipment and the latest technology is essential for not only the Central Valley, but for the world's food production. 

Almond Processing

Almonds were California's third most valuable agricultural product in 2019, accounting for $4.9 billion (about 11%) of agricultural output. Fresno, Kern, Stanislaus, Merced and Madera were the leading counties. These five counties accounted for 73% of the total bearing acreage. Precision Plastics is proud to work with local almond farmers to provide replacement equipment for their almond sorting facilities.

Almond De-Twiggers

Part of almond processing includes de-twigging, or removing smaller twigs from the almonds before they are hulled. Almonds pass over de-twigging plates that are agitated, allowing almonds to fall through the holes but preventing twigs from doing so. When these wear out over time, the plates need to be replaced. That's where Precision plastics come in. 

Designing Solutions 

Reverse engineering parts is one of the services we provide. Bring in a part and our designers will skillfully measure and create a digital file to be used in fabrication. From that design, we create a prototype to ensure a perfect fit. 


Machining Parts

Using our 5-axis CNC machine, we can fabricate any part, in any size up to 10'x10' quickly and with incredible precision. Using food grade plastics appropriate for the purpose

Pistachios and more

We can fabricate de-twiggers for pistachios and sorting bins for cotton, stone fruit, and other produce. Whatever your agricultural needs are, we can help provide the solution. Contact Ag Sales Specialist Chris Mata at