This quarantine is really taking a toll on us all. Our favorite restaurants and watering holes are closed and, in some cases, they won’t be reopening. Things we used to enjoy--going to the movies, live shows, lunch in the cafeteria, lunch-and-learns in the conference room--have temporarily become things of the past leaving us bored in the house and in the house bored (remember that song?).

Just because we’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean we don’t have anything interesting to do. Oh, sure you can learn a new language or start coding or whatever other impossible thing everyone seems to be telling you to do. But how about some realistic stuff...something you will actually enjoy doing?

Here are 5 (realistic) ways to beat boredom during the next lockdown:

Exercise...for real this time

Okay, we all started out the same. We were going to use all that free time to get into shape, but then it seemed like we didn’t have as much time because we were so busy hunting for toilet paper. Then we had to find the right equipment. Then we just sort of stopped.

So, how’s it going to be different this time? First, don’t waste time searching for equipment. Find simple bodyweight exercises you won’t mind doing every day. You can easily find lists online or even use some of those exercises from gym class if you remember any. Keeping it simple will save you money, avoid clutter, and make it easier for you be consistent because you’re not depending on a piece of equipment to motivate you.


Admit it. You forgot how enjoyable jigsaw puzzles can be. Sitting around with a couple of friends, a couple of beers, and some good music...It was almost enough to make you forget there was a lockdown. If you need a challenging new puzzle, check out this super hard shatter puzzle.

DIY Projects

 If you love using your hands or are someone who prefers to be outside, the lockdown is really doing a number on you. Just because you’re stuck at the house doesn’t mean you have to be inside. You have a backyard for a reason. You already know that, though. The question is, what to do? Fortunately, you have options.

Check out Pinterest or Etsy for tons of ideas for DIY projects. Shoe racks, book shelves, gardens---the possibilities are endless. It’s good to have a work schedule in mind, but don’t feel like you have to do it all in one day. Do easy projects that you can do multiple times and get better at.


This one may be a little frustrating at first, especially seeing all the gourmet meals other people seem to be posting. Don’t look at it like that, though. You don’t have to cook gourmet meals or anything fancy. Just work on the simple act of planning meals and cooking them. You’ll be surprised by how much money you can save and how good it feels to know you aren’t just sitting around.

Binge Watching

Watch TV? How can that be productive? Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime--it seems like there’s an endless number of streaming services with an endless flow of content to stream. I bet your queue just keeps growing and growing. Now’s the time to start checking things off that list. Pick 3 movies or 1 series you’ve been meaning to watch and give yourself a week to get it done. You’ll actually have a feeling of accomplishment when you begin to see your queue shrinking (not to mention something new to chat about).

That’s it. No words of wisdom and no clever life hacks. You just have to take it day by day, but treat each day like an opportunity to do something new.