3 Reasons Why You Need Display Cases

Your store is finally exactly the way you want it. You’ve got a great team. You have suppliers that feel more like old friends than business associates. And, although it took a little time, your website looks even better than you imagined. So, why haven’t you seen the expected sales increase?

The answer is so simple, you probably think about it everyday without realizing it: Product presentation. How is that an issue? You have everything your customers want and all your products are visibly displayed. Aren’t they?

Boxes, cases, pedestals--they’re all important tools in driving revenue in your store. However, you have to better understand what makes them so useful in order to really see the impact.

Below are 3 reasons display boxes will help drive sales.

Fully Customizable

This is one sales tool you have complete control over. You can have a box made with the material, color, size, and shape that is best for your business. Colored boxes can make an item or area “pop.” Clear cases can protect items while showing their importance. Tall pedestals will bring items to eye level with your customers. You can make them as unique or ordinary as you see fit.

Customizing your display boxes is important because it gives you control over how everything is seen by your customers. You can effectively guide them through the process of browsing through your store.

Raise Product Awareness

As previously mentioned, display boxes come in any shape and size you can imagine. Some sit barely an inch high while others sit several feet off the floor. No matter the height, they all have the same purpose...to make your product visible.

Keep in mind a display box shouldn’t separate one product from the rest. Instead, it should say, “All these items are great, but this is one that deserves attention.” Maybe your display box is a vibrant color or maybe it raises the product up only a couple of inches or so. The key is that it is prominent enough to grab the customers attention, but subtle enough that it doesn’t distract from the other items surrounding it.

Voice of the Brand

Sticking with the theme of customizing, a unique display case can be used to promote your store’s brand. You can have a box customized to be any color or any shape. You can have a slogan or logo etched into it. The possibilities are really endless.

Custom boxes send a message. They let customers know they are getting a unique shopping experience. The overall look of the box doesn’t just showcase a product. It tells customers that product is coming from you.

No price can really be put on the importance of establishing and promoting your brand. Display boxes are another tool you have to do that. The color of the box, any designs on it--even its location and the product it displays--are all things that add to the overall look and retail experience at your shop.