Branding is as important now as it’s ever been. With so many businesses struggling to get by and many others just folding altogether, branding will play a key role in keeping businesses afloat. If you haven’t considered your business as a brand, now is a good time to start. If you have been pushing your brand, take time to double down on it.

Branding is a good business practice in general. It is doubly important during the pandemic.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to focus on branding your business:

Sets You Apart From Others

Whether you’re pushing your brand or not, you probably already know this. One of the best ways to set your business apart from the competition is by presenting your business as a brand and not just another store or service. Doing this lets consumers know your business is different. Whether or not they’ve ever made a transaction, they know your business brings something different to the table.

This is especially important during the pandemic because people are being more thoughtful about the money they’re spending. They’re less likely to spend on anything that seems less than stellar.

Instills Trust

Your brand should tell your story. It should tell who you are and create a bond between your business and consumers. They should feel like they know your company. From there they’ll trust you.

Consumers want to do business with companies they know and trust. They want to trust that your business will give them the best service. They also want to trust that your business understands any hardships they may be facing.

Shows Your Commitment

This one is a little more specific and may not apply to everyone. Right now PPE is a hot topic. Everyone is looking for PPE...wants PPE...needs PPE. In fact, businesses in many cities and states need PPE installed just to open their doors. Open spaces are now being turned into areas sectioned off with mazes of sneeze guards.

Treat PPE like signage. Every sign is an opportunity to promote your brand. Every sneeze guard is just a blank sign waiting for your logo to be added. Most fabrication companies can easily add a logo or company name to a sneeze guard. It sends the message that your company is committed to keeping consumers safe.

Give Customers An Experience, Not Just a Product

Your business is a brand, not just a store. Make sure your customers have an experience and aren’t just buying a product. They can get products anywhere. They come to your business to have a special experience.

People need that special experience now more than ever. A smooth, positive experience with your business--your brand--can make a lasting impression that won’t be forgotten after the world has gotten back to normal.

So, what kind of branding should you do?

Most of the time we think about branding as signage, but branding goes way beyond a few well placed signs. The idea is to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for your customers. The best way to do that is by providing excellent customer service on all levels. Don’t just make them happy. Let them see that you’re trying to make them happy...and throwing in a couple of signs with a cool logo never hurt.